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Strokemaker Swim Paddles

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Size: XL #4

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The Strokemaker Hand Paddles have been designed to help you improve your stroke technique whilst reducing stress on your shoulders. These paddles come highly recommended by a large number of swim coaches due to their wide range of sizing options, 7 in total. Age and experience are two factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting your size.

The Strokemaker hand paddles are engineered to be oversized to help build strength and correct stroke faults. The hand positioning on these paddles is unique with the hand being slightly offset allowing for a fully finished stroke, while the outer edge water foil builds strength without putting pressure on the joints.

These hand paddles are perfect for swim drills like sculling, pull sets and sprint-assisted swimming. They can be used for all four competitive swimming strokes. No matter your age or skill level, these hand paddles are an excellent training tool. 

  • Increase distance per stroke by inhibiting early recovery
  • Strengthen swimming specific muscles 
  • Improve your feel for the water with strategically placed holes that allow flow through of water
  • Exaggerate both correct and incorrect swimming movements


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