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Cycling for Runners

Hey RUNNERS...guess what!?!? You don’t have to ONLY run on training days. When I train and coach athletes for a half or full marathon, I always include a couple cycling days a week. My favorite thing about cycling is it gives my mind a break from the monotony of running

There are many benefits of cycling for runners! Cycling is a great way to increase aerobic performance, stay injury free and actually run faster! Cycling is non-impact but has several aerobic benefits! You can go a lot longer than running to build endurance without all the impact running has on the body. Runners can also use cycling as a recovery tool. It aids in recovery by flushing out your legs. Then again on the other hand, cycling can be a crazy hard workout. Run speed can increase by doing hard intervals on the bike!

You don’t need a fancy high-end road bike to get the benefits of riding. There are six different styles of bikes: road, tri, hybrid, all-road, cruiser, and mountain. All these bikes are designed for different styles of riding. Decide where and what style of riding you want to do before selecting a bike. Your local bike shop can definitely help you with this! Or watch see our quick video series on types of bikes: PLAYTRI TV

Happy running! Happy cycling! Train hard, recover smart!

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Author: Morgan Davis

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