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About Us

History of Playtri

Ahmed Zaher founded Playtri over 20 years ago. When he started competing in Triathlon, he couldn't find a program that was complete and that met his needs. There seemed to be great programs and science for professionals, but age groupers didn't have access to the tools, technology and science that were available to give them the best training and knowledge to accomplish their goals.

"My vision was to create a program that included all the elements that are available at the Olympic Training Centers and add more to train and educate age groupers." He decided to focus on Coaching, Performance Testing and Triathlon clinics. These programs became very popular and many of those participating were succeeding in achieving their goals. "Soon after that, my wife Staci joined me and we started to have Races,Camps and Retail Stores. That's when the big picture started to emerge."

"Our goal is and always will be quality, not volume. We strive to make all our offerings great. Our main goal is to get people healthy and help them accomplish their goals.  We don't believe in competition with other clubs/groups but completion of the market.  We help all local clubs and coaching programs the best that we can."

Why Playtri?

For over 20 years now, Playtri has offered a comprehensive, "whole life" approach aimed to improve overall health and fitness. Athletes of all levels and experience have benefited from learning about their bodies, setting and reaching goals, and executing proven training strategies.

Playtri offers an individualized and scientifically-based approach to coaching/performance, Playtri also offers a wide variety of performance testing, races and retail!


  • A Playtri coach has multiple certifications including USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, and Playtri.
  • A Playtri coach gets you to reach further, dig deeper and get the most from yourself – and with that comes success. Not to mention the discipline and accountability that comes with setting a goal and reaching it.
  • A Playtri coach knows how to get you competitive results with limited availability (8-10hrs/wk), with fewer injuries and more efficient use of your time.
  • A Playtri coach understands customization - that no two athletes are the same. Even two athletes with similar abilities who are training for the same race with the same goal will have two completely different training plans.
  • A Playtri coach uses methodologies grounded in science and strategies to develop personalized training plans that all but guarantee a certain performance based on how each athlete trains.


  • Retail stores in many states selling Bikes, Running Shoes, and Bike Services
  • Coaching Training App
  • Individual Coaching Programs for athletes of all levels, customized to individual goals
  • Coached group workouts that focus on improving performance and race tactics.
  • Coaching and training programs that take into consideration the competing priorities of the age group athlete, all the while seeking a life balance.
  • Camps/Clinics that combine solid training sessions with comprehensive lectures to keep the athletes informed.
  • Performance Testing at the most comprehensive testing center in Texas.
  • Opportunity to join a "family" of people in a fun, quality environment focused on positive improvements in all aspects of health and fitness.