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How to Stay Motivated while Training Indoors

How to Stay Motivated while Training Indoors

How to Stay Motivated while Training Indoors

Wintertime is here, and that means that inclement weather plays a factor in how you can complete your workouts. When cold and rainy weather forces you to stay inside for training, it is important to figure out ways to stay motivated. Indoor training can be a daunting task, but with some careful planning and creative workouts, it is possible to effectively train indoors for some of your most focused sessions of the week.

Training Space

When it comes to indoor training, the space in which you train is crucial to the success of your sessions. This may include a gym with a pool, a cycling studio, a basement/garage gym, or a “pain cave” set up with your bike on an indoor trainer. Creating and/or finding a space that gets you excited to train will help keep the motivation high as the temperatures drop and inclement weather becomes a factor. When looking for an indoor space in the form of a gym, find a space that has all the equipment and amenities you need to train for all 3 disciplines to help streamline the process.

Embrace Technology

Technology can be a great tool for indoor training and keeping motivation high throughout the winter months. This can include an indoor bike trainer, such as the Wahoo Kickr Core, or a smartwatch, such as the Garmin Series sports watches. These pieces of technology can help kickstart your training sessions and give you the necessary feedback to help you see improvement as you go through the indoor training months. Another great way to embrace technology would be software such as Zwift, which is an indoor cycling and running app that can help bring motivation with different challenges and adds a sense of gamification to your training. Finally, an app such as Strava brings about a sense of social media into the fitness world helps keep you motivated with different monthly challenges, and keeps you up to date with some potential training partners.

Mix Up Workouts

Training indoors can be monotonous and isolating, so do not be afraid to mix things up and try new things. You can always implement elliptical or rowing workouts to add a sense of cross-training to building your cardio base or set monthly goals for different types of workouts or segments (on Strava or Zwift). Adding different kinds of strength training such as band work that mimics the movement of swimming or jumping rope to

increase cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance in your legs. Finally, maybe adding in some group workouts, such as a spin class or a HIIT group class, can change the dynamics of your training and help break through the low-motivation periods of training indoors.

Set Goals and Triathlon-Specific Training Programs

Joining triathlon-specific training sessions or downloading a training app, such as the Playtri Training App, will help you structure your training and develop a weekly routine that will make it easier to stay motivated. Hiring a Playtri Coach is also a great idea to build an indoor training plan, and your Playtri Coach can help you develop the most effective indoor sessions possible. Goals are critical to success, so whether you are setting your own goals/commitments for the indoor training season, or discussing them with a coach, utilizing goals/commitments will reduce decision fatigue and help you get to your workouts quicker and with more motivation. We all know “why” it is important to train, but determining the “how” will determine your success in the sport.


Coach Michael Rourke is a Level 3 Playtri Coach and an American Swim Coaches Association Level 4 swim coach. He coaches junior and adult triathletes of all levels, as well as high school elite swimmers. He is also a 70.3 World’s Qualifier and USAT Age Group Nationals Qualifier. Coach Michael is currently taking on new athletes, so if you are interested in Remote Swim Analysis or Individual Coaching Programs, send him an email to

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