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Cervelo P3 Shimano Ultegra Fulcrum Racing 6 - Fluoro/Black/Black 2019 DEMO

by Cervelo
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Current price $3,649.00
Size: 54CM

Please see photos for detailed specifications.

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The Cervélo P3 with Shimano Ultegra and Fulcrum Racing 6 is a high-performance triathlon and time trial bike that combines aerodynamic excellence, precision shifting, and reliable wheel technology. Crafted by Cervélo, a brand synonymous with cutting-edge cycling innovation, the P3 is designed to deliver an exceptional riding experience for those seeking speed and efficiency.

The aerodynamically optimized carbon frame of the P3 is the foundation of its performance. With a geometry tailored for aerodynamic efficiency, the bike enables riders to cut through the wind with minimal resistance, making it an ideal choice for time trials and triathlons where every second matters.

The Shimano Ultegra groupset provides smooth and reliable shifting with 22 gears, ensuring a wide range to tackle various terrains. Known for its precision and durability, Ultegra components deliver consistent performance, allowing cyclists to focus on their ride without concerns about gear reliability.

Complementing the bike's performance is the Fulcrum Racing 6 wheelset. The Fulcrum Racing 6 wheels are recognized for their robust construction and balanced performance. Featuring a combination of stiffness and aerodynamics, these wheels contribute to the overall speed and stability of the P3, especially in challenging racing conditions.

The integrated design of the Cervélo P3 includes thoughtful features such as hidden cable routing, contributing to its sleek and aerodynamic appearance. The bike's geometry encourages an efficient riding position, optimizing the rider's aerodynamic profile.

Whether you're a competitive athlete aiming for podium finishes or a dedicated cyclist looking for a high-performance machine, the Cervélo P3 with Shimano Ultegra and Fulcrum Racing 6 offers a winning combination of aerodynamics, precision shifting, and reliable wheel technology. It's a bike designed to propel riders to new levels of speed and performance on the racecourse.


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