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Sprintech Racing Adjustable Convex Rearview Mirror

Original price $27.50 - Original price $27.50
Original price
$27.50 - $27.50
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Please see photos for detailed specifications.

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Biking is loved by millions of people around the world, but thanks to the Sprintech® rear-view mirrors, cycling with the family, with friends or even competing is even more fun, and above all safer.

A prize-winner at the Competition for Innovation in 1996 in Martigny, Switzerland, Sprintech® Racing’s sleek design is the virtual continuation of the handlebars of racing bicycles. Available in 6 different colors, it is made of impact-resistant plastic: the mirror area is coated by 9 chrome layers, its slight convexity allows for a wide field of vision.

Unobtrusive and light (only 20 grams), is very easy to install, fully adjustable and absolutely vibration-free, even when you are riding on particularly rough roads.


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