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Cervelo Aspero Frameset - 2024

by Cervelo
Original price $2,700.00 - Original price $2,700.00
Original price
$2,700.00 - $2,700.00
Current price $2,700.00
Size: 51CM
Color: Satin Black

Please see photos for detailed specifications.

For additional information, photos or wheel and component upgrades available, please email or call us at 972-730-3288

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*Specifications subject to change without notice from manufacturers

The Cervélo Áspero Frameset is a purpose-built, high-performance gravel frame that embodies Cervélo's commitment to pushing the boundaries of off-road cycling. Designed to excel in the unpredictable and challenging conditions of gravel riding, this frameset provides a platform for riders to customize and build their dream gravel bike.

Constructed from Cervélo's premium carbon fiber, the Áspero frameset strikes a perfect balance between strength, stiffness, and weight savings. The frame geometry is carefully tuned to offer stability and comfort during long gravel rides while maintaining the agility needed for technical descents and demanding climbs. The versatility of the frameset allows riders to tackle a variety of terrains, from gravel roads to dirt trails, with confidence.

The Áspero Frameset features thoughtful details that enhance both its functionality and aesthetics. Internal cable routing keeps the frame's lines clean, reduces aerodynamic drag, and protects cables from the elements. The frame's design also accommodates wider tires, providing the option for riders to optimize traction and comfort based on their preferences and riding conditions.

With a focus on versatility, the Áspero Frameset allows riders to customize their gravel bike to meet their specific needs. The frame is designed to work seamlessly with both electronic and mechanical drivetrains, offering flexibility for riders to choose their preferred components.

Whether you're building a gravel race machine, a rugged bikepacking rig, or an all-around adventure bike, the Cervélo Áspero Frameset serves as the perfect foundation. It embodies the essence of gravel riding – the pursuit of exploration, adventure, and the thrill of venturing off the beaten path. The Áspero Frameset is a testament to Cervélo's dedication to providing cyclists with the tools to conquer any gravel adventure they choose to embark upon.


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