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Felt IA Advanced Shimano Ultegra Di2 - Textreme/White Geo 2023

by Felt
Original price $7,999.99 - Original price $7,999.99
Original price
$7,999.99 - $7,999.99
Current price $7,999.99
Size: 51CM

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The Felt IA Advanced Shimano Ultegra Di2 is a high-performance triathlon and time trial bike designed for speed, aerodynamics, and precision. Felt, a renowned manufacturer in the cycling industry, has engineered this bike to deliver top-notch performance for athletes competing in races where every second counts.

Key features of the Felt IA Advanced Shimano Ultegra Di2 include:

  1. Advanced Carbon Frame: The frame of the Felt IA Advanced is constructed from high-quality carbon fiber, ensuring a perfect balance of stiffness, lightweight, and aerodynamics. Carbon fiber allows for optimal power transfer while maintaining aerodynamic efficiency.

  2. Integrated Aero Design: The IA Advanced boasts an integrated design that minimizes drag and maximizes aerodynamic efficiency. Every tube shape, junction, and component is meticulously engineered to slice through the wind, reducing air resistance and helping riders achieve faster speeds with less effort.

  3. Ultegra Di2 Electronic Shifting: Equipped with Shimano's Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting system, this bike offers precise, lightning-fast gear changes at the touch of a button. The electronic drivetrain ensures smooth and reliable shifting even under the most demanding conditions, allowing riders to focus on their performance without worrying about gear adjustments.

  4. Aero Cockpit and Handlebars: The IA Advanced features an integrated aero cockpit and handlebars designed to further enhance aerodynamics and rider comfort. The cockpit provides a sleek, streamlined profile, reducing frontal area and minimizing drag. It also offers multiple adjustment options to accommodate a wide range of rider positions and preferences.

  5. Carbon Aero Wheels: To complement the aerodynamic frame design, the Felt IA Advanced comes equipped with carbon aero wheels that offer low rolling resistance and exceptional stability at high speeds. These wheels are optimized for aerodynamic performance, helping riders maintain speed with minimal effort.

  6. Triathlon and Time Trial Geometry: The geometry of the IA Advanced is specifically tailored for triathlon and time trial racing, providing a balance of aerodynamics, stability, and comfort in the aero position. The bike's geometry allows for an aggressive riding posture that maximizes power output while minimizing wind resistance.

  7. Integrated Storage Solutions: The IA Advanced features integrated storage solutions, including a hydration system, nutrition storage, and tool compartments, allowing riders to carry essential gear and hydration without compromising aerodynamics. These storage options are seamlessly integrated into the frame and cockpit design, maintaining the bike's sleek profile while providing convenient access to essentials during long races.

Overall, the Felt IA Advanced Shimano Ultegra Di2 is a cutting-edge triathlon and time trial bike designed for serious competitors who demand uncompromising performance, aerodynamics, and precision in their pursuit of victory. Whether racing against the clock or competing in a crowded field, this bike provides the technology, comfort, and speed needed to excel on race day.


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