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Pirelli P Zero Road TLR Tire

by Pirelli
Original price $69.90 - Original price $69.90
Original price
$69.90 - $69.90
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Size: 700 x 30

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Pirelli expands the P ZERO family with the introduction of the most comprehensive and all-round, tubeless tire, featuring the EVO compound and the new TechLINER carcass: a 120tpi casing coupled with a rubber liner for better pressure retention. These features make the new P ZERO™ Road TLR the perfect compromise between speed, comfort and protection all-in-one product, to accompany you in all your rides. The P ZERO Road TLR is the perfect solution for the cyclist who are looking for a more balanced and all-round performance, focused on endurance.


Evo Compound

The road-specific EVO Compound is a chemical formulation developed for the maximum versatility: good rolling resistance, optimal wet grip and good durability. The EVO Compound was born from the combination of opposite characteristics making it a good compromise for those looking for a versatile racing tire. EVO Compound is an exclusive feature of the P ZERO™ range.

Tech Liner Road

The TechLINER is a tubeless road-specific 120tpi casing that features a rubber liner providing it a better pressure retention. This feature allows you to go fast while still being comfortable on a reliable technology which is meant for all-round performance and endurance application.

The TechLINER is an exclusive feature of the P ZERO™ Road TLR


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