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Scott Contessa Walker Bike 12" 2020

by Scott
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*Specifications subject to change without notice from manufacturers

The Scott Contessa Walker Bike 12" is a high-quality balance bike designed specifically for young riders who are just starting out on their biking journey. Here's a general description of what you might expect:

Frame: The frame is typically made from lightweight aluminum or steel, ensuring durability while keeping the bike easy to handle for young children.

Wheel Size: As the name suggests, it features 12-inch wheels, which are suitable for children around 2 to 4 years old. These wheels are sturdy enough to handle various terrains while providing stability for beginner riders.

Balance Bike Design: Unlike traditional bikes, the Contessa Walker Bike doesn't have pedals. Instead, it's designed to help children develop their balance and coordination skills by allowing them to scoot along with their feet.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebars: The seat height and handlebar height are often adjustable, allowing the bike to grow with your child as they get taller.

Safety Features: These bikes typically come with safety features such as handlebar grips designed for small hands, as well as a steering limiter to prevent over-steering and potential accidents.

Colors and Design: The Contessa Walker Bike may come in various colors and designs, often featuring bright and appealing graphics to attract young riders.

Brand Reputation: Scott is a well-known brand in the biking industry, known for producing high-quality bicycles for riders of all ages. Their Contessa line specifically caters to female riders, offering bikes designed with their needs and preferences in mind.

Overall, the Scott Contessa Walker Bike 12" provides a safe and enjoyable way for young children to learn how to balance and ride a bike, setting them up for future cycling adventures.


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