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by Silca
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Style: Shimano SPD

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*Specifications subject to change without notice from manufacturers

Cut the weight of your cleats in half while getting 4x the life expectancy. Brass cleats are soft and wear quickly, while 3D printed titanium is much harder and half the weight.

• Shimano SPD 24g, 30g lighter than stock
• Crank Brothers 22g, 24g lighter than stock
• Time 22g, 26g lighter than stock
• Shimano SPD 4° Float
• Crank Brothers 6° Float, 15° Release
• Time 5° Float, 10° Release
• 6V/4AL Titanium Hardware Included
• 3D Printed in Indianapolis
• 4x life expectancy of brass

Traditionally, mountain cleats have only had two material options. Mild steel and brass. This has largely been to ensure that the cleat wore out faster than the pedal interface, but has left us with cleats that are often times very fast wearing, and in all cases, are quite heavy.

Enter 6/4 Titanium, only slightly less hard than tool or spring steel used in the pedals, it's a remarkable 2.25 times stronger and 3 times tougher than brass or mild steel. Best of all, the extreme toughness and abrasion resistance of 6Al/4V titanium means that you can expect 300-400% wear life compared to traditional materials.

Now we couldn't just stop there, but by combining 3D printing technology with this material that is 1/3 lighter than steel, we are able to achieve a cleat with internal lattice structure (called a gyroid) which maintains stiffness and strength while reducing weight to create a cleat set that is HALF the weight of a standard cleat set.

This savings of 25-30 grams per set of cleats is significant over time, particularly in CX events where running is crucial.

25gm reduction x 100 rpm = 180kg of mass not lifted per hour of riding, 90kg per leg!

NOTE:  Packaging indicates 6Nm max torque, but further testing has shown that torque up to 10Nm is acceptable and may be necessary on very hard carbon fiber soles.  Please grease threads and under the screw head at assembly to ensure consistent screw tension for a given torque.  Also, with harder soles, we recommend re-tightening the cleats after 24 hours or your first ride as screw tension may be reduced by the cleat pins impinging into the shoe sole.


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