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Skratch Labs Hyper Hydration Mix Single Serving (.8oz, 22g)

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Flavor: Passion Fruit

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  • This ain't your parents drink mix. And unless you put yourself into extremely challenging conditions, it might not be yours, either.
  • EXTREMELY high sodium mix designed for those times, and only those times, when you are unable to replace all the fluid you are losing through sweat any other way. How does it work? It has a ton of sodium in it, that's how.More than an entire bag of potato chips, in fact. Which is why it's not for everyone.This isn't for sipping on the couch, it 's for when you're about to spend some serious time and energy in the pain cave.
  • The high sodium content in Skratch Labs Hyper Hydration helps increase your body's reserve of water and sodium so you can perform at your best when conditions are at their worst. This is not suitable for a mellow one hour bike ride or run. It's for those all-day or all-out efforts that are so taxing, it's impossible to take in enough fluids to keep up with what you're sweating out.


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