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TriRig Aero Brake Caliper

by TriRig
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For the better part of a decade, Omega has completely redefined what an aero brake could be. Our brakes have become the beloved favorite of pros and amateurs alike and become the de-facto gold standard of aero brakes.

The new Omega One is a complete ground-up redesign, with an improved mechanical formula which both increases strength and offers vastly superior modulation. At the same time, the new aero shape is a complete rethinking of the aerodynamics of the system. Rather than a conglomeration of parts individually designed to make up the brake, Omega One was designed in its entirety as a single aerodynamic form, with its individual components carefully sculpted out of it. The result is by far the fastest brake we have ever made, which actually makes bikes aerodynamically faster than having no brake at all.

This brake comes with all the hardware necessary to properly mount it in place as either a front or rear brake. Each brake includes a direct mount adapter as well. The Omega One is designed for rear stay mounting and under bottom bracket mount also. Doesn't matter which way you mount it, the Omega One will always be aero in any direction.


The Omega One brake can be mounted using the road bike industry standard of a single M6 bolt and recessed nut. It works almost anywhere that a standard road brake does. It is also compatible with TRP U-Mount and Shimano Direct-Mount using the included Direct-Mount Adapter. It is not compatible with V-Brake mounts.

Standard Mount TRP U-Mount Shimano Direct Mount
Omega Classic
Omega SV
Omega One

Some bikes, however, use proprietary or non-standard mounting methods. Use the chart below to check Omega One compatibility with many of today's popular tri bikes. Please note, on bicycles with protruding head tubes, additional spacers may be necessary for the brake's cable stop to clear the protrusion. For bikes not on this list, consult your local bike mechanic.

Brand Model Front Brake Rear Brake
Argon 18 E-112
Argon 18 E-114
Argon 18 E-116, E-118
BH GC Aero
Blue Triad (SL, EX, SP, AL)
BMC TT02, TT03
Boardman Air TT
Cannondale Slice
Cannondale Slice RS
Ceepo Katana, Venom, Stinger
Ceepo Viper, Climax
Cervelo P1, P2, P3, P5, S2, S5 (rim-brake models)
Cervelo P4
DengFu FM086
Dimond Dimond
Falco V Bike
Felt DA, B16, B-series prior to 2012
Felt B2, B12, B14 (2012-present)
Felt S22
Felt IA (IAFRD, IA1, IA2, IA3, IA4)
Felt IAx (IA10, IA12, IA14, IA16)
Fuji D6
Giant Trinity Advanced
Giant Trinity Alliance
Javelin Lugano
Kestrel Airfoil, Airfoil Pro, Talon
Kestrel 4000
Kuota Kalibur, K-Factor
Kuota Kueen-K
LOOK 596
Orbea Ora
Orbea Ordu
Orbea Ordu OMP (2015-present)
Parlee TT
Planet-X Exocet
Planet-X Stealth
Quintana Roo Lucero, Seduza, Kilo, Dulce
Quintana Roo CD 0.1, Illicito
Quintana Roo PRFive
Quintana Roo PRSix
Ridley Dean
Scott Plasma, Plasma II
Scott Plasma 3
Scott Plasma 5
Specialized Alias
Specialized Shiv Tri
Specialized Shiv TT
Specialized Shiv Nosecone
Specialized Transition
Trek Speed Concept 7-series
Trek Speed Concept 9-series
Trek Equinox TTX


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