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TURBO Men's Water Polo Swim Suit H2O Blue

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Size: Small

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Man's plain swimsuits 

Have you already seen our plain color swimsuits for men? Turbo offers a wide variety of swimsuits for men, perfect for daily training or for competitions. Turbo swimsuits are made of the highest quality materials to ensure an excellent wearing experience. Turbo has different categories and patterns of swimsuits available online. Swimsuits like boxers, jammers, super tank and basic slips.

What are the characteristics of these plain color swimsuits

Turbo swimsuits have been designed to offer maximum comfort and avoid water resistance, thanks to its improved pattern, which adapts perfectly to the body shape. Turbo swimsuits are not regular swimsuits; they are considered the toughest and the suits with the most durability in the world. Turbo swimsuits are made with the best fabric on the market, which offers the best elasticity for a comfortable fitting. They are resistant to chlorine from the swimming pool and to UV rays. For this reason, the intensity of its colors will remain unalterable with the passage of time.

They all have vibrant colors like yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, pink, turquoise, green, white, etc, to suit everyone's taste. Put some color in your swimming routine. 

These swimsuits are perfect for indoor or outdoor swimming, and they can be used in open sea water. They are chlorine and salt water resistant. 

The range of sizes is very wide and goes from S to 5XL. 

Recommended use of plain color swimsuits

Turbo swimsuits are specially designed for the practice of swimming in a recreational or professional way. They can be used for daily workouts or competitions. The fabric is fast drying, so it is a very comfortable option for regular use. Turbo swimsuits are used by professional swimmers worldwide.                

Details to consider:

- Reinforced seams

- Adjustable cord

- Resistant to chlorine

- Durable colors

- Composition: 55% polyester PBT, 45% polyester

Turbo swimsuits are a guarantee of the best quality of the market. We have more than 50 years of experience in design and swimsuit production. 

You can also find other accessories, such as swimming goggles, bags, training material, that can be combined with your swimsuit. 


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